How Do We Make Our Puzzles?

Do you ever wonder how puzzles are made? Most puzzles are made on big machinery by a manufacturer. We wanted to go a different route, so we decided to make our puzzles from our garage. We wanted to offer customized puzzles with fast shipping and going through a manufacturer wouldn't allow us that type of speed and flexibility.

First, we design a puzzle, mostly using Photoshop for touch ups on photos and Illustrator for designs. We then print our puzzle on a Canon over-sized printer. After printing, we glue the puzzle on to ESKA puzzle board, which is specifically made for jigsaw puzzles! The board stays flat and the pieces are thick, not flimsy.
After we let the glue dry thoroughly, we cut the puzzle in our machine. The video shows our puzzle die and the cutting process. We then carefully take the newly cut puzzle apart, shake it in a closed container to mix up the pieces and then sift the pieces to get rid of the puzzle dust. We recently started doing this in an effort to cut down on the puzzle dust. Then we bag and box the puzzle!

Our puzzle box is very simple. It's folded hinged type box, not the simple box with a bottom and lid. It's like a very sturdy, small pizza box. The puzzle picture is glued to the top of the box, as well as the two sides.
We hope you enjoy putting our puzzles together as much as we enjoy making them. 😍




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