The 18,000 Piece Almost Disaster

I started the 18,000 piece Tropical Impressions puzzle in early 2014. At the time we had 1 adult basset hound (Daisy) and 2 puppy basset hounds (Maggie and Eeyore). One night, we went out to dinner like people do. I had one of the 4,500 piece bags on my puzzle table ready to start the next day. I was pretty excited because I had this puzzle for a few years and was finally getting to start it! When we came home from dinner though, we noticed a displeasing sight.

The 4,500 piece bag was not on the table anymore... it was instead ripped open all over the floor and down the hallway! What a mess! I was actually much more calm (and probably in a little bit of shock) than my husband, Craig, was. I looked at our pups in disbelief that these sweet little pups could cause such a huge disastrous mess, but I noticed Maggie (the pup) had a little limp. She was fine and the limp went away that same night. What I think happened: the couch was close to the puzzle table and Maggie probably jumped from the couch to the table, knocked the bag off and had way too much fun with 4,500 puzzle pieces!  

Once I completed that section though, expecting 100 pieces to be missing, there were actually NO missing pieces!! I was so amazed and thankful!  There were a couple that were chewed and one was bit in half, but none were missing! I guess my dogs do not like the taste of puzzle pieces and that, my friends, is a very good thing!

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