The 24,000 Piece Life Puzzle

In 2008 I learned of the Life puzzle. 24,000 pieces! I was in awe at first glance and wanted to be apart of the worlds largest (at the time) puzzle competition! I was not able to join at that time though, since we really did not have the space for such a massive puzzle! So, fast forward 8 years later, I bought the Life Puzzle! I was so in awe at the size of this puzzle! I bought it right after Christmas 2016, but didn't get to start it till August of 2017 because I had to finish my bachelors degree first! So, from August 2017 to December 2017 I worked on the Life Puzzle, mostly weekends though since workdays are a bit busy. Once it was complete, I was so happy, but I was also a bit sad honestly.  We hung it on our living room wall, which was the only wall big enough to hold this beautiful, over 14' long puzzle!

Craig did a lot of research on the best ways to hang a large jigsaw puzzle and we spent the weekend hanging it. I will say though, it is gorgeous and we will probably never move again, cause I am not sure how we would get this puzzle down! 



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