To Sort or Not to Sort – That is the Puzzling Question

Do you sort your puzzle pieces? Personally, sorting is not my favorite activity when it comes to puzzling. I am more of a box digger! There is something oddly satisfying when digging through a box of 1,000 (or more) pieces and finding that perfect piece you are looking for!

I only sort puzzles out of necessity, such as the 24,000-piece Life puzzle and the 40,320-piece Disney Memorable Moments puzzle – which I am currently working on. The main reason for my sorting these larger puzzles, is I didn’t have a box large enough to hold 6,000 pieces or 4,032 pieces to allow shuffling! Until now that is!!  For my birthday, my hubby got me the 9,000-piece Astrology puzzle, and the box is perfect to hold one bag of the Disney Memorable Moments! So, when I start The Little Mermaid soon, I am going to try to not sort it! And that excites me, because sorting takes hours!!

I have seen some beautiful pictures of sorted pieces, all the puzzles pieces lined in rows by color and shape!  To me, that would take so much time and patience and honestly, I don’t have much of either! I do find it amazing and fascinating! I had an Instagram friend tell me that sorting to him was like meditation – I replied that sorting to me is like anti-meditation! Ha-Ha!!

I will say that once you get the sorting all done, putting the puzzle together is much faster, for me at least. Sometimes it is tedious to have dig through a box of 4,032 pieces! But it is also tedious to sort those 4,032 pieces! So, sort if it makes you happy and helps you and if it doesn’t – dig in the box!! In the end, we all have a beautiful, finished puzzle! 

Happy Puzzling!



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