About Us

Hi! I am Judy and my husband is Craig and together we have created a puzzle shop - Addicted 2 Puzzles. We are two distinctly different people who began to share a life back in 2007.  I am an avid puzzler and Craig is a guy who can make everything out of anything, including a pirate ship that still rolls down the street in every parade in central California. 

I have been doing puzzles my whole life, and still do them every chance I get!  At one point in my life, I did a puzzle face down, just for a challenge and I was probably bored as a kid.  Some of my highlights through my puzzle career are the 18,000 piece Tropical Impressions and the grey Krypt by Ravensburger, the 24,000 piece Life puzzle by Educa, and many double sided puzzles by Buffalo Games, and not to mention the hundreds of regular puzzles I slip in from time to time. I am currently working on the 40,320 piece Memorable Moments (Disney) puzzle by Ravensburger!  So far, I love it!  In 2019, I plan to do the 32,000 piece Keith Haring puzzle by Ravensburger, and I am going to mix all the pieces!

Craig grew up doing a couple puzzles here and there when he would go visit his grandma, but never really had much exposure to them as a child.  He has more of a heavy construction and fabrication background, which turn out is perfect for him to produce our puzzles! Craig does try to help me put the easier puzzles together, but his arm is usually blocking the entire puzzle which is sometimes a bit more annoying than helpful! =) He really does try though!  Craig thought it would be really cool to time lapse our puzzles, so we started doing that as well. You can see the videos and subscribe at Addicted 2 Puzzles.

So one brisk winter morning in early 2017, I woke up and decided I wanted people to put my puzzles together. With that, the spark was lit and Addicted 2 Puzzles was born! From that day on, we started researching and planning different puzzle types and have come up with so many ideas! I hope you enjoy making memories with your families and enjoy our puzzles!

~Judy and Craig